Ann’s Medicinals: Tinctures THC


Each bottle contains 30ml

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Ann’s THC tinctures are a premium-quality, high-potency tincture that boasts pure, high-quality THC extracted from top-notch cannabis plants. With Ann’s THC tincture, you can experience the robust potency of THC in each bottle, making it a recommended choice for more experienced users.

For quick and effective relief, it is recommended to consume Ann’s THC tincture sublingually. The dropper makes it easy to measure the dosage precisely, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences. Plus, Ann’s THC drops are incredibly versatile and can be used to infuse food and drinks, giving you endless possibilities to enjoy the product.

The nutty and pleasant flavour of Ann’s THC drops is not too sweet or overpowering, making it easy for everyone to consume, regardless of their taste preferences. With Ann’s THC tinctures, you can rediscover the benefits of THC and indulge in a premium-quality product that meets your needs.


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