Points and Rewards Coupons

Hush cares about you! We want to help new visitors understand the value in choosing hush. We offer points for new users, coupons for first orders, and points after you make your first order. That’s a lot of points just for getting started!

Of course we care about our dedicated hush family too, and you better believe we have more points and coupons for members that stick around!

Here is a break down of all the ways you can earn while you shop with us…

Points and Rewards Coupons System

Redeem 20 points for $1, 100 points for $5, 1000 points for $50…

  • Register a new account on our website and receive 100 points, equivalent to $5 to spend in the store
  • On your first order enter the coupon code “first20” to get 20% off (only allowed on your first order)
  • Complete your first order, and you’ll get another 300 points added to your account: that’s $15 to spend!
  • For every $1.00 you spend with us, you earn 1 point
  • Leave a product review on our website earn 40 points
  • Leave a product review on Instagram earn 40 points
  • Leave a product review on Twitter earn 40 points
  • Leave a product review on Reddit earn 50 points

Coupon Reward Survey

We love getting valuable feedback from you guys, and decided we want to reward you just for letting us know about your experiences with hush! All you have to do is complete a quick survey, and you’ll get instant access to a 20% coupon for a future order. Fill out the survey and get rewarded now!

Rewards for Reviews

Do you like posting product reviews? We’re now rewarding points bounties to members who post product reviews of their purchases with us on social media, and other websites. All you have to do is fill in a form telling us about your review, and where it is. Then our team will verify your submission, and get back to you with details about the points bounty you earned for your review. Tell us about your review here!

Share the love!

We also have an open sponsorship referral program in place for now where anyone with a registered account on our website can share their own personal referral link with friends. When you get a friend or someone to come to our site through your referral link, register a new account, and complete their first order, you get 600 points, which is equivalent to $30 for spending in our store!

There’s no limit on how many people you can refer either. If you get ten of your friends to come register and complete their first purchase, you get $300 worth of anything you desire on our website for that, if you get 20 people completed, that’s $600: and, the sky is the limit friends!

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this exciting offer while it lasts. Once you are registered and signed in your personal referral link will be shown in the box below, and you can copy and share that with your friends to get started earning more.

You can also find your personal referral link near the top of your My Account >> Points and Rewards page section.

Check back soon!

We are constantly working on new ways to reward our customers, so keep an eye on this page for the most up to date information!