Dream Machine: DMT Vape Cartridge (1g)


DMT produces a brief but intense visual and auditory hallucinogenic experience.

1 x 1g DMT Vape Cartridge

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Dream Machine

Lift the veil and cross over to the other side.

Hyperdimensional spaces, sentient beings, and union with the universal source code. Everything you’ve heard is true. An awe-inspiring and all-consuming spectacle, laid bare for only those intrepid enough to look.

N,N-Dimethylethylamine, or DMT is one of the most potent psychedelics to be discovered. In higher doses, the compound is known to reliably propel those under its influence into an alternate plane of existence, often described as more real than our own waking consciousness.

Is the DMT experience truly realer than real? Or, is it all in your head? Take a ride on the Dream Machine and decide for yourself.

1 gram N,N-Dimethylethylamine vape cartridge with glass tank and ceramic tip.

Extracted from organic Mimosa Bark.
Carrier agent: Propylene Glycol


Due to DMT’s natural tendency to recrystallize, the cartridge may require preheating prior to use. Lightly and evenly heat the glass tank with a hairdryer until the extract becomes a viscous liquid. Attach to battery and begin inhalation.

Take long, slow draws and hold in the vapour for as long as is comfortable. Repeat as necessary until desired effects are achieved.



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