Moonrock: Zoomshroom – Scooby Snacks (3000mg)


Each Bottle Contains: 15 Capsules | 200mg Per Capsule

200mg Psilocybin Mushroom – 55mg Ginseng – 15mg Bee Pollen – 15mg Matcha – 15mg Mucuna

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ZOOMSHROOM SCOOBY SNACKS are a great tool to use during those times when you need a mega boost in mood and energy to power through your day!

The precise combination of ingredients found in our ZOOMSHROOM SCOOBY SNACKS delivers elevated sensory effects and an energetic experience, which is perfect for a solo adventure, hanging out with friends, camping, concerts, music festivals, social settings and when you want to dance the night away!

1 Capsule = Warm Energy and Focus.
2 Capsules = Positive and Present, Mental Crispness. Elite Task Completion Dose.
3 Capsules = Well-rounded Psilocybin Experience with Super Human Conscious and Subconscious Clarity.
4 Capsules = Full Psilocybin Lunar Landing with Pure Natural Energy.

ZOOMSHROOM SCOOBY SNACKS will allow you to enjoy mild hallucinations, flowing energy, elevated vibrations, deep thinking, great sounds and some cool visuals – all while staying in full control of your fun!

Please Medicate Responsibly


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