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Hindu Kush Live Resin is derived from a pure and potent Indica strain! Named for the region from which it hails, Hindu Kush’s hostile growing conditions have forced the strain to express a thick layer of trichomes. With large, green buds interspersed with orangey-red pistils and drenched in sticky trichomes, Hindu Kush cannabis is a strain for the scrapbook as much as the stash-box! Easily grown indoors within seven to ten weeks, Hindu Kush cannabis offers a high yield and produces truly beautiful buds!

Best Use
Hindu Kush Live Resin is a phenomenal extract for evening and nighttime use! Hindu Kush Live Resin will first relax the body and then fog the mind; soon, the limbs, head and body will become heavy and users may find themselves hesitant to move from their spot on the couch. With some psychedelic effects, users may find colours are brighter, certain fabrics feel more interesting and their vision becomes somewhat distorted. We wouldn’t recommend firing up a dab of Hindu Kush Live Resin during the day or before a job interview. A fantastic extract for alleviating chronic pain, nausea, stress, anxiety and insomnia, Hindu Kush Live Resin is the quintessential Indica extract.

Earthy, woody and pungent, Hindu Kush Live Resin is sweet and musky, with notes of spice, sandalwood and pine. A very fragrant, almost incense-like extract, Hindu Kush Live Resin is a cough-inducing smoke and maybe a little harsh to the inexperienced. Upon first inhalation, the strong, earth-like flavour will fill the mouth. After a few moments, the spicy, pepper-like taste will come to the forefront. We recommend pairing Hindu Kush Live Resin with something sweet. Pairing Hindu Kush Live Resin with a sweet treat will round out the flavour profile completely and give a lighter twist to a typically pungent and dark extract.

Hindu Kush Live Resin is a high strength Indica extract.

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