Shield Palm: Vape Battery and Charger


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The Shield Palm Vape Battery has a 510 thread and comes with a USB charger.



– Rechargeable Battery With Charger
– 400 mAh Battery
– Voltage Indicator
– Pre Heating Function
– Adjustable Voltage
– Comes with 2 Magnetic Connectors
– USB Charging Cable

Suggested Use for this product is as follows:

Click Button 5x to Power On/Off (Lights Flash)
Click Button 3x to Select Voltage Setting (Light Shifts)
Click Button 2x to Activate Preheat Mode (Pulsing Light)
Press/Hold Button to Heat Cartridge (Light Display Remaining Battery Life)
All Four Lights are On at a Full Charge / Each Light Powers Off as Battery Dies
Convenient Bottom Micro-USB Charging Method


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