Little Magics: LSD (50ml)


LSD Micro-Dosing Tincture 500MCG – 10MCG per 1ml. This tincture contains 5 hits total.

A botanical blend of rose petals, cinnamon, and hawthorn are mixed with brandy and honey to create a warming, grounding and heart centered elixir that provides the base for this uplifting blend which includes 300mcg/ or approximately 3 hits of LSD, which equals 6mcg per milliliter.

Recommended dosing begins at ½-1ml and is best taken at the start of the day as it can increase energy, productivity, giddiness, and a sense of awe.

The right rhythm with this medicine varies from person to person. We recommend taking 1-2 days off between doses, as the effects can last several days. It is best to start slowly and build a relationship with it. You’ll find what works best for you! Taking higher than the recommended dose can cause unwanted side effects. Please enjoy responsibly.

WARNING: LSD should not be taken alongside the drug Lithium. Taking SSRIs may affect the therapeutic dose of LSD as it may increase your LSD tolerance. Consult a health care practitioner if you have concerns around interactions with medication or preexisting health conditions.

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Little Magics’ mission is to source the highest quality ingredients for our products and work with local community members and businesses to provide a superior customer experience.

With a background in clinical herbalism and medicine making, combined with the beliefs in harm reduction and self-determination over one’s health and healing, we created Little Magics in 2020 to try and fill a gap that we saw in the healing journeys of some of the folks in our communities.

There are countless new studies and research coming out all the time showcasing the positive effects that micro-dosing can have on one’s mental and emotional health. If you are having problems with anxiety, depression, PTSD, alcoholism, motivation or inspiration, it is our hope that our products will help you on your path to wellness.


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