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Rest & Relax by Myco Labs are part of an exclusive range of top-game psilocybin products coming from the myco labs brand. The team behind this primarily focuses on offering potency and effectiveness. Pound by pound, every gram of psilocybin in these capsules is pure-quality and fresh, with ample therapeutic and psychedelic effects. These are best used for microdosing and as supplements to enrich your intake of nutrients.

Rest & Relax capsules contain not just a complex psilocybin blend but also CBD isolate and organic Reishi. They’re vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and all-natural products made on our home turf, in Canada. One container holds 60 capsules/servings, and the dosage depends on your choice. You can pick the 50mg ones or the 200mg capsules. It’s all up to you! The latter will be more potent and veer off from the ideal of microdosing, though the effects are still subperceptual for the most part.

What are the effects of Rest & Relax by myco labs?

 When talking about Rest & Relax capsule, we’re talking about microdosing. Because such low doses of psilocybin can’t get you stoned in the traditional sense of the word. You’ll barely feel a thing, in fact. No, these capsules are supplements par excellence, meant to give you a boost when you need one. What kind of boost, you ask? Take your pick:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved imagination and focus
  • Better divergent thinking
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Less depressive predilections
  • More motivation
  • Better performance and work efficiency
  • Faster thinking times
  • Sharper intuition and deductive reasoning
  • Soothing relaxation and calmness

In other words, Rest & Relax capsules make you a better person, in more ways than one. They enhance your focus, make you happier, more performant, they improve your thinking speed, and make you less liable to become depressive, and so on. What’s not to like? Give these myco labs capsules a shot and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

How’s the best way to consume them?

 Our recommendation is that you treat each individual capsule as one serving per one sitting. For the 50mg variant, one capsule contains 50mg of psilocybin, 10mg of CBD isolate, and 250mg of organic Reishi. The 200mg variant, on the other hand, contains 200mg of psilocybin, 40mg of CBD isolate, and 450mg of organic Reishi. That’s more than enough for one sitting, don’t you think so? You may take two servings at once, though, which may make the effects more potent.

However, you can increase your dosage for so long before it’s no longer about microdosing but about getting stoned with psilocybin. In order to receive the therapeutic and nootropic benefits of these Rest & Relax capsules, you need to follow the recommended dose and consume them orally. Otherwise, you may miss the intended effects and have a bad experience. That’s not what we want, so we recommend sticking to one capsule per sitting. Observe the effects and then increase the dose however you see fit! Though, when you start feeling the psychedelic effects, it means you’ve gone too far.


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