Nyquil – Hybrid/Smalls (28g)


Sativa Dominant 70% Sativa | 30% Indica

THC 18%

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NyQuil is a high THC sativa-dominant hybrid variety with an extraordinarily High CBN content, which makes it an excellent sleep aid.

It is a cross between a Special Reserve Hippy Therapy and Harlequin, which makes it a unique therapeutical strain with many different cannabinoids higher than most other cannabis strains.

Distinguishing Features: NyQuil buds are delicious dence little nuggets with a light green and somewhat yellowest tinge accompanied with deep red hairs sprinkled mildly across the glistening trichome packed surface.

The aroma of NyQuil is pleasant and different because of the higher levels of unique cannabinoids in this phenotype. You get an earthy pungent spice that is very unique to this strain.

Cannabinoid Profile: NyQuil is a high THC strain that ranges from 18% to 24%. Other cannabinoids found in NyQuil include a Incredibly high level of CBN that is very rare to find. Some tests show it can get as high as 6%. CBGA of 1% and CBC of 0.2%, some tests showed it can reach as high as 28% of total cannabinoids.

Flavors/Aroma: NyQuil has an interesting aroma of sweet, pungent, and earthy scent with hints of pine. Its flavor is just as interesting. In addition to its sweet and woody taste, you’ll also get hints of pine and citrus. There are also some hints of coffee.

Effects: NyQuil is a sativa-dominant strain so expect to feel energized and invigorated. It will give you the clarity to do your daily tasks so it is a good daytime variety but the true benefits of this miraculous strain is the high CBN which has been proven to to help induce a deep REM sleep. This means this strain is truly the best of both Worlds. It can clear your head and keep you alert and focused when you need it and drift you into a deep sleep at the end of the day.

NyQuil also stimulates the mind. You will soon feel your creative juices flowing as it enhances your motivation and improves your focus and creativity. This strain also has a relaxing effect. As your mind remains clear and focused, your whole body feels so calm and relaxed.

Medical Conditions: NyQuil is a good strain to jumpstart your day. It’s also perfect to beat the midday blues at work. This strain will give your mood and energy a boost and allow you to function better.

Because of these effects, NyQuil is a good strain for those with anxiety and depression. This can also help people who are always stressed out or those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The stabilizing effects it has on the nerves and the calming effects it has on the body can definitely help them go through their day to day activities.

NyQuil can also benefit patients with chronic fatigue and chronic pain. The high cannabinoid levels can control pain and inflammation, allowing them to function relatively pain-free. Medical conditions that can be relieved by this strain include chronic pain like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches.

NyQuil strain can also help people suffering with symptoms of insomnia and other sleep issues due to the high levels of CBN which has been seen to help with achieving deep REM sleep


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