Chem Jelly – Indica (28g)


Indica Dominant Hybrid – 90% Indica | 10% Sativa

THC – 21%
CBD – 2%

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Chem Jelly is a rare heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa.  If you’re a fan of a delicious fruity flavor, look no further.  Chem Jelly packs a sweet and fruity taste with hints of fresh berries and flowers.  The aroma is of earthy flowery incense with a berry overtone that turns slightly spicy as the nugs are burned.

Chem Jelly has a super relaxing high that’s perfect for easing tension and killing aches and pains.  You’ll feel a lifted onset that fills the back of your neck and head with a light tingle that warms the mind and boosts the mood.  This buzzing quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body, lulling you into a deeply relaxing state that won’t cause too much sedation.  Rather, you’ll be totally relaxed and at ease with the world around you as you settle deeper and deeper into a state of physical calm.

With these effects and its insanely high 30-33% average THC level, Chem Jelly is perfect for the experienced patient suffering from chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms or cramps and chronic fatigue. Chem Jelly buds have spade-shaped dusty green nugs with lots of orange hairs and a coating of thick frosty milky white crystal trichomes.

Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Tingly
May Relieve
Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms
Berry, Flowery, Fruity, Sweet
Berry, Earthy, Floral, Fruity, Sweet


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