Blue Thai MICROS – Hybrid (A) 28g


Hybrid 50% Sativa | 50% Indica

THC 20%


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This feminized medical marijuana strain from the Netherlands is the result of crossing ‘Blueberry‘, a fast flowering strain with ‘Thai Skunk’. Originally, this strain was created by Dinafem as an indica-sativa hybrid in order to enrich its Blueberry parent. The Thai Skunk genetics in this particular strain are not only improving the production and potency, but also adding the spicy undertones to the flavor.

This strain is suitable for growing indoors, outdoors and greenhouse settings. The THC levels of this plant are high and are found to be more than 20%. The buds that are produced in this plant are found to be crystal coated and resinous. The genetics of this particular medical strain are found to give the plant with the resistance to molds.

In this strain, the users could taste the perfect blend of Blueberries’ sweetness and the correct amount of acidity from Thai parent. This prevents the berry flavor from dominating. When smoked, this strain would give the stronger sativa taste, thereby inducing a heady highness to the users. This medical strain can be able to alleviate physical ailments like muscular pain and mental ailments like stress and insomnia.


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