Nyquil 2:1 CBN/CBD:THC – AAA

CBD:  .21%     CBN: 22%

THC: 17 – 18%

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NyQuil is a high THC sativa-dominant hybrid variety with an extraordinarily high CBN content.  It is a cross between a Special Reserve Hippy Therapy and Harlequin, which makes it a unique therapeutic strain with many different cannabinoids, higher than most other cannabis strains. NyQuil stimulates the mind, yet relaxes the body. You will soon feel your creative juices flowing as it enhances your motivation and improves your focus and creativity. You will have clarity to complete your daily tasks and feel energized and invigorated, but get a good sleep at the end of the day. It is the best of both worlds. As your mind remains clear and focused, your whole body feels so calm and relaxed. It is a good strain to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, migraines, inflammation,  and fibromyalgia, CBN has been known to aid in producing REM sleep, helping you attain a deep restful sleep. NyQuil buds are delicious dense little nuggets with a light green and somewhat yellowest tinge accompanied with deep red hairs sprinkled mildly across the glistening trichome packed surface. Nyquils’ aroma is pleasant and different because of the higher levels of unique cannabinoids in this phenotype. You get an earthy pungent spice that is very unique to this strain. It is a milder smoke with an undertone of spice.

 NyQuil is a high THC strain that ranges from 18% to 24%. Other cannabinoids found in NyQuil include a Incredibly high level of CBN that is very rare to find. Some tests show it can get as high as 6%. CBGA of 1% and CBC of 0.2%, some tests showed it can reach as high as 28% of total cannabinoids.


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