Morpheus 1:1 CBD:THC/CBN – AAA

Hybrid CBD 65% Indica/ 35% Sativa

CBD: 9.1%     CBN: 2.4%

THC: 8.4%

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Morpheus CBD is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain (65% Indica/35% Sativa) with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio. It is well-loved for its balanced mental and physical high. You will first feel a head rush. A warm, tingling sensation will start from your body, travel to your core, and down your limbs. This effect washes away all your muscle tension and pain. It also clears the mind. The euphoria and bliss you will feel will wash away any negative thoughts and emotions lurking in your mind. It will ease you into a state of relaxed meditativeness. Its Sativa and high CBD roots will also kick in. You will notice your creativity, focus, and improved concentration. This strain has large dark olive green buds with deep purple and blue hues. Bright orange hairs adorn each nugget, a thick silvery-white coat of trichomes adding beauty to the buds. Morpheus CBD is a perfect strain for afternoon use. Just when you feel tired and emotionally drained, it will give your energy and mood an extra kick. By also increasing your focus and creativity, you will be able to enjoy your tasks more. These therapeutic effects may be beneficial to patients with ADD/ADHD. It can also help people diagnosed with mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and chronic stress. It can not only stabilize their mood and emotions but relax their tense muscles as well with this strains anti-inflammatory effects.

At a high dose though, Morpheus CBD sedating and relaxing effects can become pretty potent. The gentle laziness you feel can turn into a deep slumber.


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