Skookum: Sweeties (14g)


THC: 25% | CBG: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Chem, Cookies, Herbal
Effects: Spacey, Focused, Uplifting

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Don’t let the name fool you. This caked up cross of White Tahoe Cookies x Face Off BX1 is a nasty bit of business. Dripping in syrupy notes of chem and cookie, this tantalizing cultivar will lure you in before pulling you under with its sinful charms.

Expertly grown in living soil by the Humble Gemini, this striking specimen has been meticulously hand-trimmed before undergoing an extensive cold-cure. Buds are medium sized, nicely dense and thoroughly coated in crystal-clear trichomes.

Pop the top and bask in a heady blend of sweet chem and doughy goodness. Let it linger as undercurrents of cream, conifer, and fresh cut grass waft over your palate. Highly flavourful and remarkably smooth, this one keeps humming until the very last toke. Burns to pillowy grey ash.

Here’s an update, cupcake – Sweeties are the best thing since sliced bread. Says who? We do. And after a couple of fat hoots, you too, will holler in agreement. Beginning with a delightful head-slosh, this creeping stone shifts shape, gradually enveloping every fibre of your being. While functional in smaller doses, extended sessions with this stuff can and will get you zooted outta your skull. Paradoxically spacy and focused at the same time. Try some and see for yourself!


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