Skookum: Modified Banana (14g)


THC: 17% | CBG: 0.5%
14 grams

Aroma: Diesel, Cream , Sweet
Effects: Cerebral, Hazy, Relaxing

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If you’re a fan of loud, dense buds, absolutely covered in crystal – look no further. This is the wacky banana that’s had Donkey Kong going apeshit since the ‘80s! Grown in living soil by the massively talented Humble Gemini, this killer cross of Banana OG x GMO is living proof that our primate pals were on to something all along.

Modified Banana flaunts some stunning foliage of lime green and lemon yellow, popping with pockets of tangerine pistils. Its chunky, trichome-laden nugs are cured to perfection and slightly sticky to the touch.

Crack a tin of this and get floored by a face full of gas. Let it linger on your palate, as undertones of cream and sweetness round out the experience. This cultivar is a smoker’s delight, with thick, tasty clouds that are endlessly smooth while burning to clean, white ash.

Modified Banana will ring your bell with a cerebral clang which can be quite intense after a prolonged session. This one’s got some serious buzz up-front that gradually gives way to an enveloping coziness that’s sure to have you stoned outta your tree. Ooh ooh ahh ahh!



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