Skookum: Milk Tea (14g)


THC: 26% | CBN: 2%
14 grams

Aroma: Creamy, Herbal, Citrus
Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Balanced

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What’s a tea party without the fine china, finger sandwiches, and bland conversation? A damned good one. If you’re looking to stir things up at the next snootypants luncheon, this pristine blend of Zerbert x Horchata is guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers, including your own.

Yet another crown jewel from the Duke of Dankness, aka the Humble Gemini. Check out the shine on this stuff – looks like it’s been rolled in sugar. Expertly grown in living soil before undergoing a meticulous cold cure to ensure the most regal smoking experience. Buds are mid-sized, nicely dense and slightly tacky on the breakdown.

Bold, gassy, and supremely stanky. Milk Tea is none of those things. Now don’t get your knickers in a twist. What we’re serving up here is something decidedly more delicate. It quite literally smells like… milk and tea. The nose is beautifully herbal, with palpable hits of cream, citrus and a spoonful of sweetness. This Earl Grey might not blow you away aromatically, but after a few whiffs even the most jaded of kush heads will concede that it smells just lovely. The flavour is pretty much all cream. Subtle, yet unmistakably creamy. Puff it down to a roach, and it’s still somehow soft, creamy and entirely devoid of anything remotely harsh tasting. Insanely smooth. Burns to fluffy light-grey ash.

Milk Tea is a sterling example of a proper hybrid, impeccably balanced and wonderfully refined. Get yourself tangled up in a gentle, all-encompassing stone that’s as cozy as they come. Deeply relaxing with notably buoyant qualities, this is feel-good cannabis at its finest. Excellent staying power with a nice tinge of burnout. Get it while it’s hot, friends.


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