Skookum: Mandarin Cookie Haze (14g)


THC: 27.5% | CBN: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Citrus, Skunk, Floral
Effects: Euphoric, Energizing, Cerebral

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Mmmmmmm Mmm, somethin’ smells good up in here! Must be something to do with that bomb-ass haze in the black tin with a bear on it.

Nailed it, Sherlock. This is indeed some swag-alicious stuff. A good ol’ fashioned citrus skunk slap-around, that harkens back to those unforgettable hazes of yesteryear. Do yourself a solid and experience firsthand this delightful mashup of Mandarin Cookies and old-school Haze.

Just stop for a sec, and lay your eyes on this fine bit of greenery. Legitimate head-turner right here. Coming to us from the mighty Dune Crew, this stunning specimen displays all the classical traits of a top-shelf sativa. Slender. Conical. The right amount of give on the squeeze test. And – a juicy layer of crystal-clear trichomes. Cold-cured for fourteen days to maximize flavour and smoothness.

Get that nose of yours over here and into this tin! Gobs of sweet mandarin and sour berry up front, followed by lush floral notes and some punchy citrus zest. Smells incredible. Somehow tastes even better. An A-list flavour producer, through and through. Bright, tangy, and fruity, with a bubblegum finish. Smokes like a dream and burns to soft grey ash.

Mandarin Cookie Haze will get you good and riled up the way a proper sativa-leaning hybrid should. A memorable brain-tingling stone, that reverberates throughout the entirety of your skull. Seriously euphoric, with a good thump of energy – you can smoke this stuff all day before you’re ready to wind down. No mystery here, folks. Just a fresh take on a classic that’s well worth your time.


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