Skookum: Marshamallow (14g)


THC: 22% | CBD: 2%
14 grams

Aroma: Fuel, Earthy, Dank
Effects: Heavy, Relaxing, Calming

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Goddamn. Get a whiff of this puffed-up powerhouse. Face melting amounts of dank, earthy, gassed-up and chemmy greatness. Bred by Crane City Genetics and expertly grown by the Anthem Crew, this incendiary amalgamation of Marzhmallow x OG Kush hits like a napalm strike to the noggin. Stop, drop and roll.

You’ll be burning for a closer look at these striking and completely caked-up nugs. Buds are nice and chunky. Featuring top-tier trichome coverage, excellent density, and a nice amount of stickiness on the breakdown. Cold-cured for two weeks, so you know this stuff is gonna be smooth.

This stuff smells incredible. Right off the hop, that OG Kush lineage is all up in your face. Profound in aroma, with fuel by the tankful and an earthy pepperiness that stretches back into the deepest recesses of your olfactory. Inhale deeper, as notes of cream, pine and eucalyptus round things out. Flavour shines through beautifully and endures to the final toke. An absolute hoot to smoke. Burns to light grey ash.

Fade away into the fluffy white abyss. Toasted on the outside, gooey on the inside – this is your brain on drugs. If you’re a fan of heavy-hitting, mind-numbing, short-term memory obliterating cannabis, look no further. Must be a marshmallow because there are no sharp edges here, just a plush, soothing and pillowy stone to sink all the way into. Puff, puff, but do not pass on this one.


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