Skookum: Ice Cream Cake (14g)


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Ding-Ding-Ding! Drop what you’re doing and beeline it towards the bitchin’ van with the ice cream, man. That’s right, Skookum’s rollin’ through town – windows down, doobies up, slingin’ this seriously frosty and caked-up confection. Best believe, we’ve got the recipe dialled-in, and this may just be our finest batch yet.

Ice Cream Cake is a delectable cross of Wedding Cake x Gelato 33. Lovingly grown in living soil by the Humble Gemini, this strain is sure to delight gas heads and sweet tooths alike. Its densely-formed buds are heavily sprinkled with trichomes and feature deep shades of forest green punctuated with copper hues. Meticulously trimmed and impeccably cured, this strain is a smoker’s dream.

The nose is both punchy and provocative. Dank and cakey up front, with strong undercurrents of lacquer and pine to round out the experience. Roll up a fatty and experience firsthand how these flavours echo across your palate while burning to clean, light-grey ash.

Ice Cream Cake’s potent effects take hold swiftly and surely, with more than enough oomph to keep even the most seasoned of tokers honest. The first surge of effects manifest behind the eyes and at the temples. Holy-fudge-sundae this stuff is strong! Settle in for an enduring stone as you melt away like a two-scoop cone on a midsummer afternoon. Get yours today!


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