Skookum: Grape Gas (14g)


THC: 26% | CBG: 0.5%
14 grams

Aroma: Fuel, Funky, Herbal
Effects: Euphoric, Soothing, Happy

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Goodness grapeness, this shit’s delicious! A classic OG-esque cultivar that’ll put the stank back in your tank. Word around town is, this funk-forward mashup of Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato is a nasty bit of business… And we’re inclined to agree. Don’t believe us? Funk around and find out.

We’re absolutely pumped to bring you this gassed-up gem from the one and only LSO crew. Peep the purple hues and top-tier trichome coverage on this striking specimen. To suggest we’ve got ‘er dialled would be an understatement. Buds are dense, chonky, and sticky as all hell — this stuff practically rolls itself up.

Pop this gas cap and get a faceful of premium petrochem. Tons of fuel in the top notes, nicely complimented by a sweet and sour funk that’ll hold your attention. Some complex aromas popping off here, no doubt. From creamy and herbal, all the way to lacquer and anise. Flavour translates faithfully and endures to the last puff. Upper-echelon smoothness for smoke that’s this robust. Burns to soft, grey ash.

So, you smoked some Grape Gas, and now you’re stoned-silly. Hate to say it, but told ya so. The onset is rapid. The high — relentless. It just keeps on going. Which ain’t a bad thing, because amid all that euphoria are some delightful waves of soothing energy that’ll paste a big ol’ grin across that face of yours. Have something important to do? No. You had something important to do. Best call ‘er a day, friendo — brain no worky so good no more. Hopefully, you can remember where you left your wallet, because you should definitely buy this.


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