Hush: Sweet Cheese (AAA)

Sativa Hybrid

THC 22%

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Sweet Cheese smells exactly as its name would imply; like sweet cheddar. Not everyone loves the cheese strains because of their pungent and unique aroma. However, the effects from this particular strain will bring great pleasure to those who appreciate an uplifting energy boost and increased sociability. Enjoy the giggly and euphoric effects without any anxiety. It’s the perfect smoke for daily activities or a wake and bake. This batch has some MASSIVE buds mixed in with some medium sized ones. The density and potency is moderate, making it a great option for the average consumer. Check out our other Sativa strains.

Use: Daytime

Lineage: Black Jack x Cheese


Cheesy, Pungent, Sweet


Energising, Motivating, Uplifting

Helps with Depression, Mood Swings, Stress.

Flower Grade

AAAOur mid-tier flower combining the best of both price and quality. Consumers can expect decent potency, pleasant terpenes profiles, larger bud size, lighter ash and cleaner trim.


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