Hush: Super Soaker LSO – Bulk Trim (112g)


Hybrid – 50% Sativa | 50% Indica

THC 22%

CBD  2% 

This product is “Trim” which is a collection of very small pieces of cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds that gather at the bottom of the bags that has been pre-ground and filtered for stems.

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Super Soaker is for the well-experienced cannabis user as its THC content reaches high levels of 30% potency accompanied by low CBD content of 0.60%. The powerful Indica high of this weed bud can quickly take you to a mental and physical sedation that could feel like being in a relaxing and soothing coma.

The aroma and taste of Super Soaker is a blend of earth, pine, and spice notes with a lemon aftertaste. The overall experience makes for a fresh citrus and a floral pleasantry.


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