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Moscow Mule Nano THC gummies possess a zesty refreshing flavour; one part lime, one part mint, one part ginger, all parts amazing. The classic cocktail-inspired Hush gummies are not only delicious but uplifting. You won’t be drinking this delectable concoction out of a copper cup but until you are, these Moscow Mule Nano THC gummies will suffice.


Hush Nano THC gummies are the perfect dose for your ideal cannabis experience. Typically edibles take 45 min-2 hrs to kick in. Nano THC products kick in within 15-30 minutes. The smaller THC particles can enter your blood stream easier getting you higher, faster. The emulsifying agent used to make the THC molecules smaller also helps to stabilize the chemical compounds making them shelf stable for longer. Made from quality natural ingredients, these hybrid edibles are smooth, euphoric, and relaxing. Dose with one for daytime functionality and two for unwinding in the evening. Check out other Hush gummy flavours!

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Moscow Mule Nano THC Gummies (200mg) – Hush


Moscow Mule Nano THC Gummies (200mg) – Hush

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- 10mg Nano THC per piece
- 20 Gummies (200mg total)
- Made with Full Spectrum Nano THC Extract
- Natural Flavouring

*Made with Nano THC distillate for faster absorption and quicker effects.


Relaxed, Happy, Creative

Helps with Pain, Stress, Anxiety.