Wesley Tea Company: Organic Cannabis Tea – THC (20mg)


Steeped in tradition and hand-blended by expert herbalists, Wesley Tea provides fully infused THC, CBD, and Hybrid strains of tea products in a variety of blends.

Experience a harmony of flavours and sensations with every pour.

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Wesley Tea makes a tea for every kind of day. Each tea is made with hand-selected, organic ingredients and blended with premium cannabis for the best user experience. Teas are available with and without caffeine, and users can select from high or low dose varieties.

Each blend of tea is designed for different daily activities, giving you the ability to choose a tea that best suits your needs and schedule on a given day. Euphoric blends contain THC, and are designed to give the user a little boost or mellow them out at the end of the day – based on the dosage and type of tea selected.


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