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Strawberry Cough Live Resin is derived from a potent Sativa blend with mysterious genetic origins. Strawberry Cough Live Resin is a strong Sativa extract that will leave its users feeling energetic and focused. Strawberry Cough Live Resin is a great extract for users who need relief and balance for ADD and ADHD as well as a good option for stress and pain relief. Strawberry Cough Live Resin will provide relief for those suffering from anxiety, stress, and cerebral fatigue. With 22-26% THC in the bud alone, relief will ensue fast and last all day!

Strawberry Cough Live Resin is a delicious extract! Upon first inhalation, a sweet and strawberry taste will arise. A few moments later, a noticeable berry aroma will swiftly appear. The skunky, berry flavours will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria. We recommend pairing Strawberry Cough Live Resin with an herbal tea. This nifty pairing will round out the flavours and provide a full-bodied high.

The Strawberry Cough Live Resin by Space Craft is a high strength Sativa product. We caution new users to start slow and increase dosage accordingly.

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