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Strain Information
Orange Cookies cannabis is a cross of Orange Juice x Girl Scout Cookies, this 60% Indica dominant hybrid is delicious and exciting. Orange Cookies cannabis is wildly popular for its delectable flavour profile and its uplifting yet relaxing effects. Orange Cookies marijuana provides users with a full-bodied experience and is a long-lasting strain.

Crossed from two extremely potent parents, Orange Cookies cannabis has quite a high level of THC. Beautiful yellow-gold hairs are tangled between dark green buds; each nug is coated gently with a thin layer of sugar looking trichomes. Orange Cookies cannabis is a pleasure to smoke and a pleasure to look at!

Best Use
Orange Cookies Live Resin is a great daytime and evening experience. Orange Cookies Live Resin begins with a euphoric rush and fades into bodily relaxation. Once inhaled, the cerebral effect will appear. A light and pleasant buzz will be felt along the forehead and behind the ears. This buzz will quickly wash over the entire body resulting in a full-bodied high. The thoughts experienced while enjoying Orange Cookies Live Resin will be filled with happiness and joy, making it the perfect extract to share!

Orange Cookies Live Resin has been found useful in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation and insomnia. Orange Cookies Live Resin is a great option when looking to relieve specific symptoms and also a great option if you are in need of something to get you in an uplifted frame of mind and a chillaxed bodily state.

Orange Cookies Live Resin is a fantastic extract when it comes to its flavour! With citrussy overtones and sweet undertones, Orange Cookies Live Resin maintains a diverse taste and appeals to almost all palates! Once inhaled, the orange/tangerine tastes will emerge and your tongue will begin to tingle as the citrus flavour begins to flood the mouth. Soon the sweet notes will become apparent. Fans of this glorious extract often compare its sweet flavours to that of a sugar cookie! Orange Cookies Live Resin is perfectly paired with a nice sweet alcoholic beverage, like a Bellini or a Cosmopolitan, to bring out those decadent and sugary undertones!

Orange Cookies Live Resin is a high strength Indica dominant extract. The effects of the extract will, of course, vary from user to user depending on tolerance.

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