Space Craft – Live Resin – Lemon Meringue – 1g


Strain Information
Lemon Meringue Live Resin is a citrusy Sativa dominant hybrid gift from the heavens. Brilliantly made by crossing the infamous Lemon Skunk x Cookies ‘N’ Cream, this strain is a delicious mix of citrus bursts and offers a continuous high. Lemon Meringue Live Resin is an amazing strain, providing a delicious lemon flavoured exhale, perfect for getting the tastebuds tingling. Definitely the ideal live resin for all citrus lovers out there.

Best Use
Lemon Meringue Live Resin is very useful in helping you relax, as it’s delicious citrus burst lulls you into a sleepy comedown. An evening high for sure, its enduring effects almost always end with sleepy dream times. If you’re feeling like getting creative or you think you’d benefit from a burst of zest fueled focus, then this is the extract for you. Lemon Meringue Live Resin offers mental positivity while keeping you focused and creative, allowing you to write, paint or draw for longer. Lemon Meringue Live Resin is a fantastic extract for aiding with problems like chronic fatigue, pain, headaches and migraines.

Do you like fruit? Because if so, you’re going to love this devilishly fruity strain. It has a very fruity and nutty taste to it, resulting in an absolute treat for the tastebuds. What makes it particularly satisfying is the exhale, which is a flavourful lemon vapour with a hint of almond. The aroma alone will keep you coming back for more.

Lemon Meringue Live Resin is a high strength Sativa dominant extract.

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