Space Craft – Live Resin – Gushers – 1g


Strain Information
Gushers is a delicious Sativa dominant strain that offers a wonderfully versatile high that offers both relaxation and euphoria to those who are lucky enough to enjoy it.

Best Use

Known for boosting your mood instantly users report feeling happy, relaxed and uplifted. Gushers is a prime choice for your workday. Imagine needing to speak in front of a large crowd or having to focus on an important project – this strain will help with both. You’ll start your high with a head rush that brings intense happy feelings and can make you a bit talkative at first. After a while, the indica effects slightly kick in, and you’ll feel mildly relaxed with a nice body buzz. Users are still fully functional, just not quite as elated as they once were.


It’s not a heavy hitter when it comes to treating chronic pain, but Gushers Candy can be the perfect remedy for a headache, cramps, or mild depression. This strain is known mostly for relieving stress with its feel-good vibes, and can also help those who have a poor appetite. Keep some water nearby as it can induce a pretty dry mouth, and don’t overdo it either.


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