Space Craft – Live Resin – Durban Poison – 1g


Strain Information
This powerful cerebral Sativa landrace strain comes straight from South Africa, where cannabis has been cultivated for at least 700 years. The genetics have been moulded by world-renowned breeders, increasing it’s resin content, decreasing it’s flower time and retaining the whole unique aroma and flavour. We’re left with an ultra-potent sativa that will boost your productivity and keep you awake. Best for daytime use, this strain good for focus and mental clarity.

Best Use
Durban Poison Live Resin is a super creative extract that offers stimulating energy, euphoria, focus and happiness to consumers. Enhanced sense can be expected as sights and sounds become magnified to the point of distortion and can be overwhelming for novice users. An excellent choice for social situations, Durban Poison Live Resin will leave you chatty and at ease. Not recommended for those of a nervous or anxious disposition, Durban Poison Live Resin is better suited to those with ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, nausea and stress.

Dank, sweet and licoricey, Durban Poison Live Resin is pungent, becoming more so upon dabbing. Notes of citrus, herb, pine and sweetness are cut through with subtle spice, making for an interesting flavour profile.

Durban Poison Live Resin is a high strength Sativa dominant product. We would advise that new users proceed with caution.

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