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Strain Information
Animal Cookies is a delectable strain created from a combination of the famous Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG. Offering potent Indica dominant effects, Animal Cookies’ THC potency is generally ~27%. Animal Cookies’ medium-sized, dense nugs are a vibrant, sunny green with subtle lavender hues. These sticky buds, interspersed with orangey amber hairs, are beautiful in their own way.

Best Use
Animal Cookies Live Resin is very relaxing and will allow both the mind and body to drift off into a delicate trance-like state. This Indica dominant extract is full-bodied and quite impressive. A substantial body high is accompanied by a happy sense of euphoria, overwhelming relaxation and inevitable sleepiness. Medical benefits of Animal Cookies Live Resin include relief from pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms and depression.

Animal Cookies Live Resin is a wonderfully sweet and pungent extract filled with subtle alder and maple undertones. Herbal, nutty and sour with notes of spice and sweetness, Animal Cookies Live Resin is earthy and pungent to boot.

Animal Cookies Live Resin is a high strength Indica dominant product. We would advise that new users proceed with caution.

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