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Pink Kush is a crazy popular Indica dominant strain perfect for evening and nighttime use! The popularity of the Pink Kush strain is due to its potent high and its deliciously sweet taste. Pink Kush is also renowned for its very effective healing properties — all bodily aches and pain drift far, far away and leave smokers wrapped in a beautiful blanket of bliss! The Pink Kush strain is said to have derived from the famous OG Kush strain and a few others; however, the exact lineage is shrouded in mystery. Pink Kush was created on a local Canadian farm and has since then travelled all over the world!

Best Use
Pink Kush Rosin is certainly a strain to relax to, as it is quite a powerful strain for those looking to treat ailments such as insomnia, loss of appetite, PTSD, chronic pain, depression, bipolar disorder, stress and all types of anxieties. Upon first inhaling this wonderful rosin, the user will experience a light cerebral buzz that causes their mental thoughts and stress to vanish. Gradually, the light cerebral high will spread to the body and quickly intensify for a truly crazy experience. Minutes after consumption, the effects will spread all over the body and crazy waves of body euphoria will ensue. Definitely one for evening use, once your schedule is free and you have time to enjoy yourself.

Pink Kush has a very unique taste, which is why it is such a popular strain. Sweet candy and strong floral flavours are accompanied by subtle earthy undertones, making this strain quite a treat. Pink Kush Rosin is a great dessert treat and an awesome choice for when you are craving something potent but also tasty! We recommend pairing Pink Kush Rosin with a nice cup of herbal tea to bring out the subtle earthy undertones and diversify the flavour profile! Another great way to enhance the earthy undertones is to munch on a handful of nuts while enjoying Pink Kush Rosin. Not only will nuts positively enhance the flavour, but it will also intensify the effects of your high and give you an even higher strength experience!

Pink Kush Rosin is a Medium-High Strength Indica Dominant Hybrid. We recommend new users proceed with caution. Start low and build up that tolerance slowly.

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