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This High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract has been crafted to perfection! HTFSE is a spectacular extract filled with an abundance of terpenes and all the natural components of the original plant. The goal of this extract is to produce an accurate representation of the marijuana plant in a delectable extract form. The best way to use this product is by dabbing. HTFSE does not have insanely high THC concentrations like other standard concentrates and extracts; however, HTFSE is still sure to provide users with a fairly strong high! The average THC content of HTFSE is around 40-60% and is balanced out with an average 20-40% terpene content to ultimately create a potent product that is super flavorful and delicious!

The Key Lime Pie Premium Cured Resin is a high powered but easy-to-handle concentrate. This hybrid strain is infamous for it’s strong and euphoric effects, which are very much present in this extract. These effects have a strong effect on you psychologically, as your inner kid is stimulated by the strong smell of the sugar-packed, colourful cereal you enjoyed as a child. You are set to enjoy socializing, laughing, and enjoying the outdoors reminiscent of the best days of your childhood. Key Lime Pie Resin is sure to have you yabba-dabba-dooing, like Fred Flintstone clocking out at Slate Rock.

Best Use
The effects of Key Lime Pie Premium Cured Resin are highly valued recreationally with a unique balance of relaxation and stimulation. This is due to just the right amount of THC and the balanced harmony of Indica and Sativa genetics making this resin both smooth and strong. Key Lime Pie Premium Cured Resin is perfect for pursuing stimulating activities such as dancing, painting or enjoying your favourite tunes. The best medical use for Key Lime Pie Premium Cured Resin is to treat mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. The Indica effects of this resin will induce strong and long-lasting pain relief from back pain and conditions such as fibromyalgia, headache, tension shingles, and joint pain.

Key Lime Pie Premium Cured Resin boasts vibrant golden colour and smells like a freshly cooked key lime pie treat made with the tropical and fruity scents it was named after. Hints of citrus and berries are evident in it’s pungent and familiar taste. This resin is great for social gatherings and sharing with friends, not that you would be able to hide its sweet fruity scent from them if you tried.

Key Lime Pie Cured Resin has moderately high THC level packing enough strength and balance to hold its own as a recreational as well as medicinal strain. Considered a social strain Key Lime Pie Resin will allow you to have fun without being too stimulated or too relaxed. You won’t soon forget this unbeatable fruity scent!

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