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Forbidden Fruit Sauce is derived from an Indica dominant strain (70/30) with up to 27% THC. This extract is so delectable it’s almost sinful, with an overwhelmingly fruity scent that makes you feel like you’re strolling through the Garden of Eden. This devilish Forbidden Fruit Sauce was extracted from buds of ethereal appearance with luminescent and thick buds that range from lilac, indigo and rose to tangerine. These cannabis buds were blanketed by a crystalline coating and coppery pistils. Forbidden Fruit Sauce has a cerebral high that will have you soaring to the heavens, with a body high that feels like you’re floating on clouds!

Best Use
Forbidden Fruit Sauce is full of delight for users who want to unwind. Immediately, this extract has a feeling of warm euphoria that travels from your chest down to your limbs. Smooth and enjoyable, this extract is great for listening to music where you’ll feel like you’re travelling to different dimensions. Forbidden Fruit Sauce is also a great extract to practice meditation, as it places you in a trance-like state of mind. Best used in the evening, this cannabis extract will help you to melt any bodily pain or stress away, while also creating a level of sedation. Sleep with the angels after Forbidden Fruit Sauce!

Forbidden Fruit Sauce is best known for its rich aroma that is reminiscent of cherry, passionfruit, grapefruit and mango; a citrus smoothie infused with undertones of pine and diesel. On inhale, Forbidden Fruit Sauce has a taste of ripe grapefruit and cherries blended with chestnuts. Upon exhalation, an eloquent combination of florals; reminiscent of wilted rose petals meshes with a distinctive punch of diesel and hint of skunkiness.

Forbidden Fruit has a THC level of up to 27%, making this quite extract potent. Beginners should beware as this cannabis extract is known to cause couchlock!

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