Space Craft – Sauce – Chef’s Nectarine – 1g


Chef’s Nectarine is a juicy and fruity strain! The pineapple flavor of the Chef’s Nectarine sauce is accented by citrusy, tropical, light, fruity notes. A slight hint of blue cheese is apparent, making for an interesting flavor and aroma profile. We recommend pairing Chef’s Nectarine  with basically anything sweet. A sweet pairing will cut out any sour tones and allow for a warm, sugar-like taste to take its place.

Chef’s Nectarine Sauce is a high strength cannabis product. We recommend starting slow and increasing dosage accordingly.

Best use
Chef’s Nectarine Sauce is ideal for those suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia.

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Chefs Nectarine  is an Indica dominant product, making it great for evening and nighttime use. Chef’s Nectarine sauce is a delicious extract that offers users a potent Indica experience. Hitting hard and fast, Chef’s Nectarine sauce often leaves users baked beyond belief, leading to a chill and deeply relaxed high. Offering the deepest physical relaxation and a heavy cerebral high.


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