Space Craft – Bubble Hash – Lemon Drop – 1g


Strain Information
Lemon Drop marijuana is a fast and hard-hitting Sativa dominant strain. No breeders have claimed Lemon Drop as their original creation and therefore no one truly knows how to recreate this tangy and flavourful bud. Lemon Drop marijuana is known for providing users with a positive mindset filled with sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, and everything that is wonderful! Lemon Drop is praised worldwide for its delectable lemon and citrus flavour profile that tickles taste buds and leaves smokers on a cerebral cloud of endless possibilities!

Best Use
Lemon Drop Bubble Hash is an ideal extract for morning and daytime use. Lemon Drop Bubble Hash will provide strong uplifting cerebral effects and a subtle but noticeable body buzz. Lemon Drop Bubble Hash provides a hard-hitting high that comes on fast – after only the first few draws the cerebral effects will kick in. Lemon Drop Bubble Hash is known to amplify external stimuli by heightening the senses which results in everything becoming a bit more sensational! In addition, smokers will be met with an uplifting mental buzz that will result in a surge of creativity and the urge to be productive. Lemon Drop Bubble Hash amplifies concentration and is praised for providing users with cerebral experiences that result in inspiring revelations. Bodily effects will set in soon after and leave users feeling a subtle full-body tingling sensation that will slowly fade and leave the body feeling light as a feather. Lemon Drop Bubble Hash is known to get smokers extremely giddy and giggly and provides a long-lasting, uplifting high making it ideal for a daytime smoke.

Lemon Drop Bubble Hash smells and tastes exactly as one would expect– like a delicious lemon flavoured candy! When first opening Lemon Drop Bubble Hash, users will be immediately greeted with a mind lifting lemony aroma. Soon after, the instant aroma of lemon will dull and the undertone scent of pine will arise. The first draw of Lemon Drop marijuana will provide smokers with a mouthful of citrusy goodness! The most notable flavour will remain tangy lemon throughout the entirety of the smoke sesh; however, after the first few draws, the underlying earthy flavours will be noticeable. Hints of subtle sweetness will also arise and become more prominent throughout the smoke session.

Lemon Drop Bubble Hash is a potent extract, beginners should be cautious!

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