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Strain Information
Kish or Shishkaberry is an 80% Indica dominant strain crossed with DJ Short Blueberry and a mysterious Afghani Indica strain. The switcharoo effects of Shishkaberry will have you soaring into space with a euphoric cerebral high before snapping you back to reality with a swooshing body high that will leave you sleeping like a rock. Shishkaberry is known for its luscious strawberry aroma and super potent high with a THC level reaching up to 27%. Shishkaberry buds are dense, long and a blazing shade of royal purple-tinged with olive green. This cannabis strain is like a freshly plucked bouquet that will scintillate all of your senses!

Best Use
Kish Bubble Hash is a powerhouse of an extract that will successfully knock you out if given the chance. Kish Bubble Hash will have you grinning while splayed out on your couch, finding amusement in the most mundane things. This extract is perfect for dreary days when you’d rather curl up on your couch before giving in to deep slumber. Kish Bubble Hash creates an epic sensation of laziness that will leave neurotics envious. Kish Bubble Hash is perfect for relieving stress, body pain and insomnia due to its potent body high and sedative properties.

Kish Bubble Hash’s flavour profile is sweet and luscious with berry notes and a light herbal earthiness that mingles on your tongue on the first hit. Kish Bubble Hash’s uber pungent berry smell fires up your nostrils, leaving you with a heady sensation of happiness.

Kish Bubble Hash is a potent extract, beginners should be cautious!

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