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Garlic Breath cannabis is a organically grown Indica dominant hybrid.  This genius combination of strains results in a 90/10 Indica/Sativa, meaning that you get a very strong high that hits both your mind and body.With a high THC percentage that has been known to reach as high as 28%, this Indica-heavy strain provides long-lasting relief from symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, stress and agitation.

Best Used When:
Garlic Breath cannabis offers a smooth smoke and an enduring high. Ideal for daytime or night time smoking, Garlic Breath will allow you to work quite efficiently while still feeling a nice warm buzz from the tip of your nose to the base of your toes. A wonderfully creative strain, Garlic Breath fills its smokers with a great sense of euphoria and an unprecedented boost of energy. Garlic  Breath’s most common use is to treat pain as its high level of THC makes this hybrid very effective at doing so. Garlic Breath does not cause many of the more common side effects associated with cannabis, such as increased appetite or drowsiness, solidifying the strain’s status as a top choice medicinal strain that’s both fresh and organic.

Smoking this beautifully crafted flower will reward you with the most wonderful taste of piney, berry-like and earthy goodness. A real treat for your tastebuds if you ask us. Garlic Breath marijuana has a pungent and gassy aroma, with hints of garlic, hints of fruit,  earth and diesel and will be sure to leave your senses tingling after you consume it.

Garlic Breath is a wonderful Indica Dominant Hybrid. We recommend always starting slow to gauge tolerance and increasing dosage accordingly.

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