Space Craft – Bubble Hash – Blue Lemon – 1g


Strain Information
A cross of Blueberry Kush x Lemon Drop, this hybrid strain exhibits a true blend of its parentage. Compact buds of purple are interspersed with yellow pistils, resulting in a beautiful flower. As pleasing on the palate and nose as it is on the eye, Blue Lemon is as aromatic and fragrant as it is mouth-watering. Sticky, perfumed and sumptuous, Blue Lemon is a true specimen of premium genetics.

Best Use
Calming and relaxing, Blue Lemon Bubble Hash will begin in the head, especially in the forehead, with warmth spreading to the eyes and cheekbones. Ideal for those seeking relief from pain, migraines, appetite loss, nausea, depression and anxiety, Blue Lemon Bubble Hash is best suited to late afternoon or evening use as it relaxes the body and offers euphoria and focus to the mind. Blue Lemon Bubble Hash is a wonderful extract for hanging with your buddies, SO and/or pets.

With a delightful citrusy aroma of lemons, blueberries and pine, Blue Lemon Bubble Hash is extremely fragrant and flavourful. Tangy and sumptuous, Blue Lemon Bubble Hash is refreshing on the palate, a testament to its high terpene content.

Blue Lemon Bubble Hash is a potent extract, beginners should be cautious!

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