Kief (1g)


Kief can be consumed through a wide variety of different methods including:

  • Can be smoked or vaporized on its own
  • Mix with a joint, blunt or bowl for an extra THC kick
  • Create moon rocks
  • Press into hash
  • Press into rosin
  • Make cannabis butter (cannabutter) for edibles
  • Add into coffee, tea or other hot beverage

Kief is very high in THC. The AAAA grade kief that we carry has THC levels of 70% or higher.

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Kief is the powdery, golden dust that coats the outside of buds. Cannabis flower is covered in glands called trichomes that produce oils containing cannabinoids like THC and CBD, as well as fragrant terpenes that give cannabis its various aromas. These trichome heads are what become kief when they separate from the cannabis plant.

Kief is highly potent and often salvaged from grinders that have a “kief catcher,” a specific chamber that collects kief as it breaks off buds. Kief is also the essential ingredient of hash (or hashish), which is essentially tightly packed chunks of kief.



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