Bear Block Hash

Polar Bear Hash is another great addition to our value line up. A Smooth easy smoke with strong indica effects. The hash breaks up easily, great for bongs, blunts, or mixing with a little spliff.

Best Use

Perfect addition to a joint or a quick sneaky puff on the back deck. High is light and talkative.


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Hash, or hashish, is the product of collecting the resin stalks, trichomes, or THC, from cannabis plants. This classic form is commonly collected by growers when they handle the mature plants. The resinous trichomes of the plant rub off on their hands, thus creating the common terminology for it: rub. In some areas, it’s referred to as finger or scissor hash. Bear Hash has a sweet essence with undertones of woody musk and a smooth flavor profile that matches its aroma.

These hashish scores are high on the relaxing and euphoric scale which makes it ideal for evening enjoyment. Bear Hash’s buds are finely ground down and then aged for 6-months before being hand pressed into these beautiful slabs well-balanced hashish of love.

Bear Hash is pressed by a local connoisseur in British Columbia.

No matter if you crumble it with some of our best strains, pack it in a bowl or you’re a fan of lung ripping BT’s – this Bear bricks hash has got it all. Powerful body stone effect, great price, and incredible taste and smell.


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