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Pine Tar THC-A Diamonds | 1g

Pine Tar Kush is a 100% pure Indica strain whose lineage stems from pure Indica genetics native to Pakistan. This strain is a direct descendant from the distinguished Kush strain. Pine Tar Kush buds have leafy, small and round neon green nuggets with thin tangerine hairs, icy tawny trichomes and a glaze of insanely gummy resin. With THC levels averaging up to 22%, this strain will have you in unexpected giggles and uplifted excitement for hours. Pine Tar Kush will electrify your senses with its revivifying scent of pine dipped in soil, infused with a hint of sweet citrus and skunkiness.

Best Use
Achieve the ultimate staycation with Pine Tar Kush Diamonds as the properties of this extract will rejuvenate and thrill you as if you’ve taken a stroll through a kiss of falling leaves. This strain has a strong body high that starts with the feeling of slight buzzing; almost as if your neck is being tickled by hanging moss. The slight buzzing effect will gently slide down your body, creating complete bliss. Pine Tar Diamonds are great for a multitude of uses. For those looking to enjoy euphoric chuckles while watching television or engaging in social activities, this extract can be useful. If you’re looking for a way to unravel after a hectic day, this shatter will provide you with instant relief that will have you basking in the sweetness of woodland air around you. Pine Tar Diamonds will transport you to a meadow where you can finally perfect the art of emptying your mind; feeling nothing but relief for a brief escape to a forest where seconds, minutes and hours are inconsequential. Pine Tar Diamonds will be your nirvana in an urban jungle.

Pine Tar Kush is named for its woody flavour, reminiscent of bitter tree bark. This extract has an extremely pungent earthy pine taste on inhale that will prick your taste-buds like a pine needle. The earthiness plays with the flavour profile by exhibiting notes of acorns, ferns and twigs with a slight twist of a fruity, mildly sweet grapefruit. On exhale, this strain has notes of spice, like cloves blended with peppermint that doesn’t overpower the flavour profile as a skunkiness is also present.

This strain has a THC level of up to 22%, to begin with, so expect some potency from its extracted form. For beginners, proceed with caution as this strain causes a potent body high.

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