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Super Tang THC Caviar by Kootenay Labs provides the “get up and go” energy perfect for a wake and bake. This strain provides long-lasting energy that will keep you chugging along for hours. Effects are bright and cheery making your experience vivid and euphoric. Consumers love the sour citrus flavours mixed with spice, as well as it’s ability to help with chronic fatigue, depression, appetite loss and nausea. Discover other Kootenay Labs concentrates.

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Super Tang THC Caviar – Kootenay Labs


Super Tang THC Caviar – Kootenay Labs

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Sativa Hybrid

Caviar is THCA crystals suspended in Slurry/Sauce. Slurry/Sauce is very much like a live resin in that it's a paste-like combination of slightly crystallized THCA and terpenes. Solvents, pressure, and heat are used to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant to create the flavourful, potent and clear high that is what Caviar provides.

80% - 90%


Citrus, Spice, Diesel.

Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifting

Helps with Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Appetite Loss.

- Purged of all waxes and fats
- Lab Tested
- 1 gram

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